Julia Kenchin

I’m Julia Kenchin, the person behind this Store, that maintains Kids Fashion as main interest. I am touched by the person who understands my mind, who acknowledges my flaws and loves my soul, my husband Amine, the third person in the picture is Sarah, our daughter, Inside and out, she’s growing into a remarkable, beautiful young woman and I’m proud to be her mom.

We lunched our store in 2012, we start promoting and selling online products in 2018, we are based in the midlle of .

We have two main values:

  • In order to not break your bank account, we keep all our products in low prices
  • We continue to bring you the most adorable, stylish outfits for your little one

You are my guest:
4787 Blackwell Street, Dry Creek
Alaska, Wisconsin

Contact us anytime you want 24/24h 7/7d:

Julia Kenchin

Julia Kenchin

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